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Our Approach

We are unique not only by using classic books in these days of popular culture education, and of teaching them in a thoughtful manner, we are also unique in this regard: The classroom is conceived as members of the body of Christ, made in the image of God, baptized and chrismated with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We never consider our students as mere names or numbers – or even as mere “students”. When we experience the truth, beauty and goodness in our books and conversations, it is the whole person as icon of God whose heart is lifted up, the heart which is the intellectual and spiritual center of every person. In this mode of education we begin to see into the mystery of things.

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How It Works

Only basic equipment needed to log on to
St. Raphael Orthodox Online Homeschool:

A PC or Mac and a working headset.
Connection and navigation information is explained at enrollment and orientation.  The classroom is “live” and coordinated across time zones to take place in “real-time”, spontaneously and conversationally.  No web cameras or high tech gizmos that distract the students' focus and attention are required.  We occasionally use colorful graphics, maps, photographs, paintings, and portions of the text we are reading at the time are posted on on screen.

The App for Tablets and Smart Phones does not have some of the features needed for class.  These devices are not recommended.

System Requirements



From His Grace's Article, "Sanctified Schooling" - sanctified-schooling.pdf

Another of these [schools], explicitly Orthodox, is the newly launched St. Raphael Orthodox Online Homeschool - ( Under the guidance of a priest in the diocese I serve, Dr. James Taylor has employed his great love of the Orthodox Church with his technical expertise, as well as a life time of education, to create a rewarding, affordable, and challenging option for stepping up the academics of the homeschooling family. If you are comfortable with the Internet and serious about the development of your child’s reading, writing, and discussion skills, I recommend you look into this new online school. This program could actually be useful as a supplement to any family, even non-homeschooling

Fall 2015 Tuition Prices

Early Elementary Tuition (Ages 5-7): $325 per semester
Upper Elementary Tuition* (Ages 8-10): $375 per semester
*includes required Composition Tutorial
Middle School Tuition** (Ages 10-14): $425 per semester
**includes required Beginning Greek Tutorial
High School Tuition*** (Ages 14-18): $450 per semester
***includes required High School Catechism Course

Stand Alone Courses
Upper Level Math Tutorials: $75 per semester
Greek Tutorials: $75 per semester
High School Catechism: $150 per semester

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