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2023-2024 Enrollment is Now Open!

Live, Online, Classical Education in the Orthodox Tradition


Welcome Dr. Joylynn Blake

Dr. Blake has joined Scholé Academy as the new Director. She has served as a brick and mortar head of school in Desoto, TX, and has earned her Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership (Ed.D) through Dallas Baptist University. She has already begun meeting with faculty and looks forward to meeting families throughout the summer and fall. St. Raphael School is a “school within a school” and is the largest house of studies at Scholé Academy.

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New & Notable

Nov 16

   St. Raphael Lecture

Nov 20-25

   Thanksgiving Break

Nov 30

   Christmas Arts Festival

Dec 18 – Jan 5

   Holiday Break

We offer a wide range of courses and programs to meet the individual needs of our community. Courses can be found through St. Raphael School, Scholé Academy, and the Scholé Academy Tutoring Center.


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First, read the available course descriptions, noting prerequisites, target grades, and course objectives. If you think your student is prepared for the course, go ahead and register. After registration, a placement assessment may be provided to students, depending on the course and the student’s previous enrollment with St. Raphael School.


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Read the Student-Parent Handbook.

Please take careful note of our teaching philosophy, our technology requirements, our school policies, the parent agreement, and the distinctions between our grade levels.

Double-check the course section dates and times.

Make sure they don’t conflict with other activities in your schedule or other courses you are purchasing. Our system will not catch double-bookings!

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Our Assistant to the Principal will be in touch with you after your enrollment to help you with next steps, including any placement evaluations that may be required for your course selections.

Parent Testimonials

I am enjoying that [my son’s] mind and heart are actively and carefully engaged by his excellent teacher, and that the very brief writing assignments, which are a real challenge for him, give him the opportunity to practice difficult skills frequently, and in a format that nearly ensures success. —Regarding Level 4 Liberal Arts

St. Raphael School Parent

This course is expertly taught and is a healthy challenge for my daughter. The teacher is incredibly responsive and helpful whenever we contact her. —Regarding Greek 2

St. Raphael School Parent

I really like the flexibility of learning from home combined with the structure of a “real” classroom experience. Also [the instructor] is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and shares his passion well. —Regarding Byzantine Chant 2

St. Raphael School Parent

Teacher Testimonials

Glory to Jesus Christ! St. Raphael School has been a blessing me to and my family for years for many reasons. The most important of which is the high caliber (both spiritually and academically) of students and families I’ve worked with. It’s nearly a miracle to see everything coming together through the dicey medium of the Internet: amazing texts, powerful discussions, excellent writing, life-changing service projects, deep friendships, and growing closer to God. May God grant our little school many more years of bridging the gap of eternity and now with the ancient faith! The support of Schole Academy (including better infrastructure, broader and deeper community, and the vast educational resources of ClassicalU) has been an extra blessing.

Fr. Noah Bushelli

Catechism Level 7 Instructor

It is a blessing to teach at St. Raphael School! A community of lifelong learners rooted in the Orthodox Christian faithit is here that we find family! Together we learn, laugh, love, and live in God’s presence, developing deep, meaningful relationships. Our liberal arts program introduces and shares classic literature with communal conversation, which allows each person to question, wonder, and connect with the significant aspects found there. For me, SRS is home.

Presbytera Maria Koulianos

Levels 4 and 5 Liberal Arts Instructor

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