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Written By: Anonymous

Grade: 11th Grade

Teacher: Mr. Adam Lockridge

Class: Medieval Literature, Level 7

Issue: Set to Appear in the April Issue of the Newsletter


One lone night I drank from the river.
The next morn all unknowing I awoke.
A tremor filled me, a small slight quiver.
Thus joy of heaven, a prayer I spoke.

And it came.

Like a sunbeam breaking from cloud
Timidly at first, then growing stronger.
Came the light that once was shroud;
Lighting the earth, then warming her.

And it came.

Slowly, slowly, the light is grown
Before the beam forth burst
And all the love and pure joy is shown.
I hope and pray done is the worst.

And it came.

A choice is made, I wept from relief
My mind harbored no previous woe.
For those persons, memories of grief.
This is what I had begged to know.

And it came.

I thought back, any prayer I said
But none did stand out to my mind.
I wondered how I’d been so led
And what came to me that night.

But came it indeed.
Like did the tears of love delight.

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