About St. Raphael School

St. Raphael School offers classical education courses in the Orthodox tradition.


St. Raphael School came into existence to serve homeschooling Orthodox families. We offer classes for K–12 students based primarily on the classic Good and Great Books from Western and Eastern European culture. All classes take place in the collegial spirit of the Orthodox Church, in which education is seen as a friend to theosis, our journey of transformation into the life of Christ. While we are committed to preserving an environment of Orthodoxy for our students, we welcome inquiries and applications from non-Orthodox students. We will happily offer some further information and guidance on how to determine if the program is a good fit.

St. Raphael is an Orthodox school that is part of Scholé Academy, as a “school within a school.” This means that while St. Raphael School functions as a dedicated Orthodox academy, we also enjoy the benefits of being affiliated with a larger Christian classical online academy. Students from St. Raphael may also take courses at Scholé Academy, and sometimes our teachers at St. Raphael will offer courses with Scholé Academy. Both St. Raphael School and Scholé Academy are divisions of Classical Academic Press. St. Raphael School also benefits from the various staff resources and expertise at Classical Academic Press, in the areas of web development, promotion, order processing, and customer service.


In accordance with our mission, St. Raphael School, with God’s help, aims to…

  • Create a complete curriculum uniquely suited for Orthodox families in the spirit of a classical, liberal arts education

  • Connect Orthodox homeschooling families with teachers and tutors in an online classroom environment

  • Provide ongoing and up-to-date resources, articles, and reviews from the perspective of the Orthodox faith

  • Deliver a poetic and holistic education drawing extensively on the classics

  • Utilize technological resources to offer a worthwhile education at a low cost


We are unique not only by using classic books in these days of popular culture education, and of teaching students in a thoughtful manner, but we are also unique in this regard: the classroom is conceived as members of the body of Christ, made in the image of God, Baptized and Chrismated with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We never consider our students as mere names or numbers—or even as mere “students.” When we experience the truth, beauty, and goodness in our books and conversations, it is the whole person as icon of God whose heart is lifted up, the heart of man which is the intellectual and spiritual center of every person. It is in this mode of education that we begin to see into the mystery of things.

Following from this Orthodox Christian vision of the classroom and the enlightened view of the human person, classes from St. Raphael’s are taught in the “conversational mode” rather than mere lecture. The term “conversation” indicates a “turning together” around a subject of significance and the questions of wonder and inquiry that naturally follow.

Resources and Support

The St. Raphael School Handbook: Find a clear description of our policies and how St. Raphael School operates here.


FAQ: View answers to frequently asked questions here.

Academic Calendar: Find our term schedules and holidays here.

The St. Raphael School / Scholé Academy Support Line: We are ready to respond to your call or e-mail. You may e-mail us at scholesupport@classicalsubjects.com or call at 866-730-0711.

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