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Autumn is Arriving

Written by: Ellie Heise

Issue: Set to Appear in the November 2020 Edition

The blue jays announce their arrival,

While the chickadees introduce themselves.

The cardinals chirp a cheerful hello,

As the geese give a goodbye honk.

Autumn is arriving.

There’s color change in the trees,

The leaves are slowly falling.

The air is getting nippy,

The winds begin to howl.

Autumn is arriving.

Sir Reginald* has come hopping,

Lady Regina* running behind.

Edward* is eating the last of the clover,

Jeffery and Juliet* steal seed. Not a very Noble deed.

Autumn is arriving.


*Edward is a whistling pig (groundhog, woodchuck, or land beaver) that lives by our house.

*Sir Robin Reginald and Lady Regina Reginald are bunnies that live by our house.

*Jeffery and Juliet are chipmunks that live by our house.

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