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Lower School (Grades K–6)

The lower school at St. Raphael School is a special place for our youngest students. Our lower-school classes target students in kindergarten through 6th grade. In the words of John Amos Comenius, “[We look on these children], not as they are now, but with a view to the purpose in the Divine mind, on account of which they are delivered to us for instruction.” It is our hope, then, to serve you well as you are cultivating their virtue and their educational opportunities. Our courses are designed to fuel the mind and furnish the soul.


It’s been an exciting time as we have now seen many of the students who began in our lower school making their way into middle school. We define our growth by seeking to cultivate virtue in, respect of, and scholarship for each child. Considering all of our students, from the youngest to the oldest, we ask how we can better serve and meet the needs of the families who choose to partner with us.


On studying the liberal arts at a young age: “Let your youthful steps, my dearest sons, run daily along these paths until a riper age and a stronger mind shall bring you to the heights of Holy Scripture.” —Alcuin of York, in Andrew Fleming West, Alcuin and the Rise of the Christian Schools

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