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Middle School (Grades 6–9)

The middle grades at St. Raphael School are a time of wonder and delight. Students continue their studies in the liberal arts, Greek and Catechism courses – all provided within the context of Orthodox spirituality and guidance. Students are transitioning from the Grammar stage into the Dialect stage; and then from the Dialectic stage into the Rhetoric stage. It’s a time filled with questions, curiosity and discovery. At these still tender, yet increasingly mature years, students begin to ask deeper questions and seek to know the whys? and the hows?, as well as continuing to take comfort in the steadfast Truth, anchored in the Orthodox Tradition. Our instructors gently guide and foster a love of learning, while walking with the students and their families towards the richness of Truth, Goodness and Beauty. 


…there is in the human mind the light of knowledge that will remain hidden like the spark of the flint, unless it be brought forth by the repeated efforts of a teacher.” —Alcuin of York, in Andrew Fleming West, Alcuin and the Rise of the Christian Schools


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