Catechism Courses

The purpose of our catechism courses is to help students “grow in their love for God and the Church through deeper knowledge of theology, Scripture, saints, history, and spirituality.” Although catechism courses meet only once per week, students are given assignments that invite them to spend time during the week in prayer, writing, and study. We offer five levels of catechism classes, each on a two-year rotation. This allows students to take up to 10 years of catechism classes without repeating any material. Students who have only taken one year of a given level are welcome and encouraged to take the second year before moving on.

Level 3:
New Testament

Level 4:
Basic Spirituality

Level 5:
God’s Presence in His Saints

Level 6:
Living in Christ

Level 7:

Adult Catechism

Eastern Orthodox Saints (Fall)

Western Orthodox Saints (Spring)

Orthodox Saints, Nature, and Their Animal Friends (Spring)

Old Testament: Survey of the Torah (Fall)

Old Testament: Survey of the Torah (Spring)

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