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Iconography & Chant

The purpose of our Sacred Arts courses is to help students “grow in their love for God and the Church through deeper knowledge of theology, Scripture, saints, history, and spirituality” through iconography and Byzantine chant.


In Byzantine chant courses, students will immerse themselves in all aspects of the Psaltic Art by learning the Byzantine notational system (neumes), exploring Byzantine musical theory, studying the lives of the saints who contributed to sacred music, discovering the sources of Orthodox hymnography, and familiarizing themselves with the Church’s liturgical services. Students learn the basics of Byzantine chanting for use in Orthodox liturgical services. In addition to learning how to chant simple hymns in English, students will learn the special notation system used to write this form of Orthodox Church music, as well as the theory of the eight modes (tones).


In iconography courses, students will complete an icon in the traditional medium of egg tempera, gaining a foundation in the spirituality and artistic practices needed to continue in iconography, if desired. Students who take the course receive instruction in both the theology of iconography (sometimes called icon writing to stress the kinship with theology) and the artistic practices intrinsic to traditional iconography.

Fall Iconography Workshop

Spring Iconography Workshop

Iconography Apprenticeship Year 1

Iconography Apprenticeship Year 2 & 3 Combined

Iconography Apprenticeship Year 3 & 4 Combined

Iconography Apprenticeship Year 1 & 2 Combined for Adults

Iconography Apprenticeship Year 3 & 4 Combined for Adults

Byzantine Chant 1: Resurrectional Hymns

Byzantine Chant 2

Byzantine Chant 3

Byzantine Chant: Adult

Fundamentals of Carpatho-Rusyn Plain Chant

Fundamentals of Carpatho-Rusyn Plain Chant Workshop for Adults

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