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Howls in the Moonlight

By Ella Lowery

Edited by Genevieve Chittom

Cover design by Ellie Heise



Pack Descriptions

Red Wolves: Rusty gray fur with dirty white bellies. Exceptional climbers. Living in the East Forest, they hunt on squirrels, rabbits and other such creatures. Live in underground dens that they dig themselves. They have meetings at the stone circle in the wisteria grove(most likely the stone circle was built by an ancient human civilization). The current Chiefs, are Chief Crackle and Chieftess Burn. Commonly have fire based names as they were the first wolves to hone fire. Current their territory consists of: The East Forest, The Big Bend* of the Sapphire River, and Fire Hill.*

Black Wolves: Black fur. Live on Moon-Vein Mountain in the south and hunt on bison from the meadow and fish from the many streams that run around the base of the mountain. They live in the many caves on the mountain. The ones that go deep into the mountain are used for meeting halls, or war bunkers. The current Chiefs, are Chief Moontaker, and Chieftess Starsweeper. Commonly have names that suggest night. As they were the first wolves to chart the stars. Current territory consists of: Moon-Vein Mountain,* Star-seer Meadow,* and The Wide of Sapphire River.*

Arctic Wolves: White fur with thick coats. Can withstand subzero temperatures and are powerful hunters that hunt as a pack every day. They live in the Winter Fang Ice Lands. to the north. Live in dug out snow banks. Normally meet at the Diamond Cliffs. Current Chief is, Chieftess Snowdrift. Commonly have winter based names. Current territory consists of: Winter Fang Ice Lands.

Gray Wolves: Gray fur. Very strong and large. Live in the Western Grass Flats. They usually eat ground squirrels but eat Bison when the herds move west for the spring. Just lie out under the stars. Current Chief, Chief Rangeland. Not many of them have been seen since the Fang War. Current territory is unknown at present.




It had been a constant feud for as long as any wolf can remember. The packs used to trust each other, trade with each other. Then, the trust that had been built up over hundreds of years was shattered in less than a week. In one week, every tribe leader disappeared. The tribes tried to find a peaceful solution, but nothing worked. Chaos ensued. All of a sudden, wolves were falling like flies. Then, four powerful wolves rose to power and claimed the role of chief. Now there is no war, but that ancient trust was lost forever. Wolves killed foreigners on sight if they were in the wrong territory. Soon this would change. Everyone prayed to The Ancestor it would. 



Chapter One

Galaxy is the daughter of Chief Moontaker and Chieftess Starsweeper. She is nest in line to be Chief. She doesn’t have any serious duties to perform for the pack, yet, but she does have responsibilities such as school, and battle practice. “Hey, Galaxy!”said Obsidian, jumping from behind a bush. 

“Obsidian! You scared me so bad I almost jumped to the moon!”growled Galaxy. “Sorry, but I have to keep you on your toes, its my job as your big bro.*”retorted Obsidian. “Did Sunslasher put you up to this?” In case you were wondering, Galaxy has four brothers. Obsidian, Sunslasher, and Rocko were in the same litter as Galaxy, and they are all older than her. River-Stone, her fourth brother, was in the litter born five months after, along with a girl named Willow. “Yes, he did.”admitted Obsidian. “Your lucky you guys are my brothers or you would all become shooting stars.”she said. “Hey, Galaxy,” said her best friend Moonstone. “You ready for school?” “Yeah I’m coming, later bro.” “See ya, Galaxy,” said Obsidian.

Moonstone has been Galaxy’s best friend since they were five months old. They practically did every thing together. “What do you think were going to learn today?”said Galaxy. “I hope its something in-cave, there’s a storm coming this way, and you know I hate water.”replied Moonstone. That’s my Moonstone. Why is he always so afraid of water? It can’t hurt him, Thought Galaxy. “I hope we explore why those chiefs disappeared before the Fang War,”she finally said. “Yeah, that was really creepy,” said Moonstone. As they walked, they talked about conspiracy theorys and legends about what happened to the ancient chiefs. When they got to the school cave, class had already started. “Ah, Moonstone and Galaxy, I’m glad you decided to show your tails today,”said Miss Mahina. “Now, we were going to practice hunting formations today, but because off the storm we have the risk of being electrocuted, so we are going to learn more about the Great Fang War, any questions before we begin?” Moonstone stood up and said “How did the chiefs disappear? How did no one see what happened?”

“No living wolf has any memory of the war,”said Mahina, “but some say they were abducted be a now extinct race of wolves called the Lupus. They supposedly had magical powers. They were also said to have a malaw. This meant that they had an equally good and evil soul. Some were said to turn their whole malaw one way. Some went insane. And most just flipped between the two doing works of both great evil, and great good. The evil side of the malaw was sometimes able to over power the wolf and make he or she do evil to the point of murder. It wasn’t genetically passed down, you had to be born with it like a loped ear or a short tail. Any questions, comments or concerns?”

The cave erupted with all three, questions of fear like: “Are we sure they’re really gone?!?” and of excitement: “Could I be one?”. “Class is dismissed!,”Miss Mahina howled over the students. The yelping and barking died down only slightly as the wolflets filled slowly out of the cave. “Wow, just, wow,”said Moonstone,“it seems strange that Miss Mahina knew so much about the Lupus.” “Don’t be so paranoid, Moonstone,” said Galaxy. “She probably learned that stuff from Starvine she said the Lupus were extinct and we shouldn’t doubt that. If the lupus were still around we would have noticed something.” I really hope we would notice something. “We are perfectly safe.” I think.

The storm was getting worse so Galaxy and Moonstone went to the chiefs cave where the chief and his family lived. That day happened to be Galaxy’s birthday. So when they arrived at the cave, there was a bison leg with the number one spelled out in beefyberries.

“You guys! Thank you so much! I totally forgot today was my first birthday!”exclaimed Galaxy. As they ate, the storm, and nightfall, crept closer over the sky. “Hey, Moonstone. Do you want to sleep here tonight?”asked Galaxy,“that storm looks like its getting pretty bad.” “Sure, why not?”replied Moonstone. Moonstone and Galaxy curled up together by the small waterfall that trickled down the back wall. Just as Galaxy was about to drift off to sleep, a faint tingling quickly rushed through her body. She awoke in the familiar garden that was at the center off all her dreams, but this time, there was something different, someone different. “I’ve never dreamed about Moonstone before,”she said aloud. “Wow, you sound just like the real Galaxy this time,”Moonstone said. “Moonstone, is that really you!?!”yelped Galaxy

“Yes it is! We’re having a joint dream!”exclaimed Moonstone. “We used to sleep together ALL THE TIME as pups how did this just start NOW!”yelled Galaxy. “You’re not going to like my guess,”said Moonstone, “but I think you’re a Lupus.” “Why on earth would you say that?”demanded Galaxy. “Well, we used to sleep together all the time as pups, and this never happened. And I know its you because I sometimes have dreams with you in them and this is the first time I recognize your full personality,”responded Moonstone. “How do you sound so calm! I might have freaky-mutant-wolf powers! Whats next, Werewolves?”Galaxy yelled. “Werewolves are for certain just an old howlers tale,” said Moonstone. Immediately they awoke. 

 “Creek,” whispered Moonstone. They padded a short ways down the mountain to the Salmon Scale creek.

“We should go to Starvine, she knows a lot about this type of thing. And maybe she can fix me!” exclaimed Galaxy. “No, no one can know. What if someone dose something to you,” said Moonstone. “No ones going to hurt me, I’m the daughter of the chief.” “But a greedy wolf could still…” “Do nothing if I have freaky-mutant-wolf powers.” interrupted Galaxy, “I’m going to be totally fine.”

“But what if I can’t protect you if something dose happen, what then?” asked Moonstone. “Protect me? What do you mean protect me? I’m at the top of the class at close combat!” retorted Galaxy. “The Red Wolves will come after you if they find out,” blurted Moonstone. “What do you mean the Red Wolves? How would you know?” retorted Galaxy. “Because I’m one of them!” he shouted. “What…” started Galaxy. “I’m a spy, sent here when I was 5 months old,” interrupted Moonstone, “and my real name, is Redstone.”



Chapter 2

“Why would you do this?” asked Galaxy, “Why didn’t you tell me before?” “Because,” I love you. I thought you were the most amazing wolf since the day we met, and I would rather die then let someone hurt you, he finished in his head. “You’re lucky you used to be my my best friend or you would be dead right now,” she said, “go back to your pack of liars and cheats, and never show your face here again.” Used to? He thought. “I thought you would do this,” he said, “but I would rather you know than be in danger.” He ran as fast as he could all night without stopping. 

He arrived at the Chiefs den. “Ah, there you are Redstone,” Chieftess Burn said coolly, “I thought it was going to be much longer before you turned up. Another year to be precise. Why are you back?” “She found me out, I got wet and she saw me,” he said quickly. “Then how come your as dry as a bone?” she asked, her frustration creeping slowly into her voice, “you told her didn’t you?” He looked at the ground. “You love her. I can see it plainly in your eyes,” she said, a sly smirk on her muzzle, “go, son. Leave my sight until morning.  

He went to the den he shared with his brother and sisters. “Redstone! Your finally back,” yelped his little sister flame. “Yup, woo hoo the traitor is back.” said his older brother Scorch, “I heard what happened lover boy. The black stone dust “washed off” did it?” “Lay off bone head,” said Redstone his face hot with embarrassment.


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