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Written By: Samuel Jenkins

Teacher: Presbytera Maria

Class: Liberal Arts Level 5.1

Issue: Set to Appear in the April Issue of the Newsletter

Springtime in Pennsylvania is usually a mix of some warm days, some cold days, and sometimes even snowy days. Springtime is a time to welcome the bees and flowers back from a long cold slumber.


The flowers are blooming and they look beautiful! I see crocus’ and daffodils’ I can smell the sweet fragrance of them when I walk by them. The pollen is blowing in the air, sticking to other flowers and plants. Bees are flying around, landing on flowers to drink their sweet nectar, at the same time they are carrying pollen to other plants. When the bees go to the different flowers the pollen sticks to their body, travelling with the bee to the next flower. The bees will than drop some pollen on the next flower. Pollen fertilizes the female reproductive cells of the plant. Fertilization results in the formation of seeds which will then drop and grow into a plant.


March is a great time of the year in Pennsylvania, because it brings new hope of warmth. March brings many creatures and plants with it. I am thankful that God has made times like these for us to enjoy.

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