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Original Soliloquy for Laertes from Hamlet


Written By: Zoe Frederick

Teacher: Presbytera Koulianos

Class: Level 5 British Classics

Issue: Set to Appear in the May 2020 Issue of the Newsletter


Woe is me! My poor deceased father. ‘Twas Him who was slaughtered by the hand of Hamlet so unjustly. Woe to Ophelia, the most sweetest sister. One into the cold, forgotten ground the other into the deep and dark waters. I am alone, in this world now. Shall I avenge my fathers unjust death? Shall I avenge poor, sweet Ophelia’s madness that drove her to her watery grave? Where have they gone? Shall I follow? Or should I let the murderer follow to their cold grave? Shall I hunt down Hamlet? Or would it be better for me to follow my father and sister to the grave instead. Alas, woe is me. Betwixt two paths, which is the better? Which is the lesser of evils? To live with pride and avenge the unjustness of my family’s deaths? Or to go to my grave? And with this, I bid you adue.


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