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Started by a group of St. Raphael students in the spring of 2018, the St. Raphael School Journal is a monthly publication designed, edited, and written by St. Raphael students for St. Raphael students and their families. The Journal is proud to showcase the work of St. Raphael students in the form of featured columns and student submissions, while working to keep students and their families informed of what is going on within the school and its classes. Under the guidance of Presbytera Maria Koulianos, the newsletter team looks forward to each wonderful year of publication.

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The Eulogy of Thomas Sawyer

The Eulogy of Thomas Sawyer By: Mary Kjendal Class: Lv. 5.1 Literature Issue:  Set to Appear in December 2020 Edition   Given by Thomas’ Sunday school teacher from the St. Petersburg’s pulpit Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord living in this humble town of...

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Synopses By: Linnaea Radley and Kyle Carroll Class: Lv. 6 Catechism Issue: Set to Appear in the December 2020 Edition   These are synopses of chapters from The Ladder of Divine Ascent. Step 7  Linnaea Radley Joy-making sorrow is a sorrow that results in joy. A...

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On Repentance

On Repentance John Dye Column Writer December Newsletter 2020   Repentance is a wonderful virtue. It is the beautiful act of humbling oneself in front of others to ask for their forgiveness. To the world, however, this practice is disgusting. This is a time where...

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Autumn is Arriving

Autumn is Arriving Written by: Ellie Heise Issue: Set to Appear in the November 2020 Edition The blue jays announce their arrival, While the chickadees introduce themselves. The cardinals chirp a cheerful hello, As the geese give a goodbye honk. Autumn is arriving....

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Perfect Love

Perfect Love Written By: Sophia Tsikouris Teacher: Father Nikolai Meyers Issue: Set to Appear in the September 2020 Issue of the Newsletter   In the time of this virus there is great fear and suffering, but there is only one remedy for this pandemic, love....

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Original Soliloquy for Laertes

Original Soliloquy for Laertes from Hamlet   Written By: Zoe Frederick Teacher: Presbytera Koulianos Class: Level 5 British Classics Issue: Set to Appear in the May 2020 Issue of the Newsletter   Woe is me! My poor deceased father. ‘Twas Him who was...

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Personal “Meditations”

Personal "Meditations" Class: Level 6 Ancient Classics Teacher: Adam Lockridge Issue: Set to Appear in the May 2020 Edition of the Newsletter   Students were challenged to imitate Marcus Aurelius' "Meditations" by writing their own personal meditations.  They did...

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Carona de Oro

Carona de Oro Written By: Jerome Dorham Teacher: Presbytera Koulianos Class: Lv. 5 British Classics Issue: Set to Appear in the May 2020 Issue of the Newsletter   The sun rose high an azure sky The clouds go sailing on, The grass is green and growing fast And...

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