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Started by a group of St. Raphael students in the spring of 2018, the St. Raphael School Journal is a monthly publication designed, edited, and written by St. Raphael students for St. Raphael students and their families. The Journal is proud to showcase the work of St. Raphael students in the form of featured columns and student submissions, while working to keep students and their families informed of what is going on within the school and its classes. Under the guidance of Presbytera Maria Koulianos, the newsletter team looks forward to each wonderful year of publication.

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The Genetic Fallacy

The Genetic Fallacy Written By: Ariana Karounos Teacher: Mr. Jimmy Schambach Class: Informal Logic: Art of Argument, Section 2 Issue: Set to Appear in the February Issue of the Newsletter   If I told you not to trust a word your doctor is telling you because he...

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Biography of Eve

Biography of Eve Written By: Aislinn Hawkins Grade: 7th Grade Teacher: Fr. Nikolai Meyers Class: Catechism Level 5 Issue: Set to Appear in the February Issue of the Newsletter   Eve was created by God as a companion for Adam, out of one of his (Adam’s) ribs (So...

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The Goblins

The Goblins Written By: Genevieve Bell Teacher: Presbytera Maria Class: Level 4b Liberal Arts Issue: Set to Appear in the February Issue of the Newsletter     As the light bades the night, Comes.... The Goblins! When you see them your heart beats like a...

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The Trojan Horse Board Game

Culminating Activity: The Aeneid for Girls and Boys Designed By: Mary Kjendal Grade: 6th Grade Teacher: Presbytera Maria Koulianos Class: Liberal Arts Level 4.2 Issue: Set to Appear in the November Issue of the Newsletter   This is the culminating activity this...

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Icons from the Introduction to Iconography Class

The Work of the Students of 'Introduction to Iconography' In the tradition of the anonymity of icons, the students' names are not listed with their icons. There will be another Iconography class in the Spring, in which an icon of Christ will be completed. In the...

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Letter to Myself

Written By: Andrea Woolman Grade: Level 6 Class: Liberal Arts Level 6 Issue: Set to Appear in the October Issue of the Newsletter This month, in the SRS level 6 class, the students have written a letter to their lazier selves with reference to and in the spirit of...

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The Importance of Silence

Written By: Samantha Woolman Column: Essay Issue: Set to Appear in the October Issue of the Newsletter During my years of middle school and junior high school, my beloved catechism teacher would talk about the importance of silence.  He said it was good for the soul...

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On the Nativity of the Ever-Blessed Theotokos

Written By: John Dye Column: Reflection of the Month Issue: Set to Appear in the October Issue of the Newsletter “By your nativity, O most pure Virgin, Joachim and Anna are freed from barrenness; Adam and Eve from the corruption of death. And we, your people, freed...

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Threads of Similarities

Written By: Samantha Woolman Issue: Set to Appear in the September Issue of the Newsletter There are numerous religions practiced throughout the world. And within these numerous religions there are many differences. It is these contrasts in practice, belief, and...

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