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Wart’s Final Transformation

Written By: Anders Kjendal

Grade: 8th Grade

Teacher: Pres. Maria Koulianos

Class: British Classics 5.2

Issue: Set to Appear in the March Issue of the Newsletter

Wart was lounging about the castle, playing video games on his Wii, a gift from Merlyn.
“What are you doing?” A voice shouted. Wart jumped, and there was Merlyn striding into the room, a look of fury on his face. “It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood, as my old friend Mr. Rogers used to say, and here you are sitting here playing STAR WARS!”
“But I like it!” Wart protested. “And anyways, you gave it to me.”
“If you like STAR WARS so much,” Merlyn huffed, “then you might as well LEARN something.” He proceeded to chant an incantation. Just before he ended he said, “Beware of men in armor and of those with yellow eyes or red swords.” POOF!
Wart felt the sun blind him and sand whipped at his face. A young man stared at him and then said, “Are you o-o-one of th-th-those Jedi Knights I’ve been hearin’ so much about?”
Wart Perked up. ‘Knight? There are knights around here? I’ve never heard of a Jedi knight, but maybe it’s a new kind. May you take me to one of their castles?” At that instant, a cloaked figure appeared over a sand dune.
“Poe! Poe Dameron! Get about your business.” The young man scuttled away.
“What is your name, young man?” The old man asked, not unkindly.
Excuse me, sir, it’s Wart, sir, I mean, is this STAR WARS, sir?”
“STAR WARS. Now that is a name I have not heard in a long time.”
So, are we in STAR WARS? And are you Obi-wan Kenobi?”
“Guilty on both counts.” Said Obi-wan. ‘Now, let’s go to my home.” They walked for a ways.
“What is this about Jedi knights?” asked the Wart.
“Jedi Knights are an ancient order that ensure peace and justice throughout the galaxy. But, I’ll give you your lesson that Merlyn sent you for, at least that’s who I assume sent you, when we get inside.” They went inside, and they sat down. “Now,”
said Obi-wan, “Jedi Knights are the true definition of knights. They fight for what’s right, and they are one united body. No petty fights within the Jedi Order for us. We also hold no political status, such as kings or queens. Jedi fight when necessary, but
they, or most of them, try to find a non-violent solution first.”
“Is that all?” The Wart asked.

“No, The Force flows through us, is one with, and is us.”
“But, I don’t have the Force.”
‘I know, but a basic Youngling class teaches you to WILL it to be, not just try. As our wise Master Yoda said, ‘Do or do not, there is no try.’ O when you are met with with a hard trial, you must envision it happening the way you want, no, need it to be done.
Now, before you go, I am not going to say something like the Badger’s essay such as ‘good luck’. No, instead, May the Force be with you, Arthur.” Poof! Wart was back on his couch, the Wii remote and nunchuck in his hand. No time had gone by, and he
finished the game.
“I suppose that that truly was the last time I will go anywhere.” Said the Wart with a sigh.

(author’s note: This is placed when Wart is pulling the sword from the stone, after the banner with the badger is telling Wart to pull the with his chest.)
A banner bearing a wise, elderly man said, “Will it out. Also, do it not for you, but for England. Not for Kay. But pull it for England. Pull it out for England and DO it. Do or do not, there is no try.”

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